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When the kingdom of God broke in thru the person of Jesus, that meant regardless of your condition, regardless of being written off or privileged by society, regardless of anyone else thinking you are special, He invites you to become his apprentice. He calls you to follow him.

What if this year, we embraced who we already ARE in Christ?

In Ephesians, we find a couple clues as to who we are:

1) We are dearly loved children.
2) We are light.

It’s not something we attain, but it’s our identity as Christ followers.

"In ministry, lay or ordained, we must never bully or coerce. Rather, we must always leave people in charge of their life before God."—Dallas Willard

How do we find freedom from bodily appetites and put on the easy yoke of Jesus?

The iconic answer of #Lent is fasting. Fasting is a way to feast on God and his kingdom. As we fast (of whatever sort) in Lent, we are making space to see and hear more of God.

Bishop Todd Hunter’s life-long passion is to help others heed the call of Jesus to “come follow me” and thus to live their life in the kingdom of God as Jesus embodied, taught and demonstrated it. Bishop Hunter’s vision for such a life entails being the cooperative friend of Jesus, seeking to live a life of constant creative goodness, for the sake of others, through the power of the Holy Spirit.

This overarching vision has led Bishop Hunter to engage deeply with a few core themes:

  • The Gospel of the Kingdom
  • The person and work of the Holy Spirit
  • The nature and purpose of the church at the intersection of gospel and culture (missional ecclesiology)
  • Spiritual formation as core to discipleship to Jesus
  • Servant-hearted, kingdom-minded, Spirit-empowered leadership

Bishop Hunter has expressed his kingdom-Spirit-formation-church-culture focus in various settings. He is the founding bishop of The Diocese of Churches for the Sake of Others, a diocese of the Anglican Church in North America. Bishop Hunter is past President of Alpha USA, former National Director for the Association of Vineyard Churches, and retired founding pastor of Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Costa Mesa, California. He is the author of Christianity Beyond Belief: Following Jesus for the Sake of OthersGiving Church Another ChanceThe Outsider InterviewsThe Accidental Anglican, Our Favorite Sins and Our Character at Work.

Bishop Hunter is also the founder and leader of The Telos Collective. In this role, he works alongside Archbishop Beach and other ACNA bishops and leaders to catalyze sacramental and missional churches to engage contemporary North American culture.

Bishop Hunter holds a Doctor of Ministry degree and has served as an adjunct professor of evangelism, leadership in contemporary culture and spiritual formation at George Fox University, Fuller Seminary, Western Seminary, Vanguard University, Azusa Pacific University, Northern Seminary, and Wheaton College. He has been a Distinguished Lecturer at several institutions of higher learning. Bishop Hunter has written articles for study Bibles, dictionaries and encyclopedias.

Bishop Hunter and his wife Debbie live in Franklin, Tennessee.

Todd reminds us that the church is not a place to go to, simply another meeting, but the way God has chosen to make himself known in our world.

Ed Stetzer

Todd Hunter has provided a concrete and practical strategy for 21st century Christian living and witness.

Dallas Willard

Hunter writes with a grace-filled hand as he sets notions of Christian life, belief, community and mission into a new imagination, a Christianity rooted in the large sweep of the biblical story and expressed in the paths of actual life. This is a seasoned voice worth listening to!

George R. Hunsberger

Todd Hunter is someone who cares deeply about evangelism in contemporary culture. His huge experience in studying models of church growth give him a unique insight.

Nicky Gumbel

Todd Hunter draws on ancient practices in order to provide insight and strategy to face temptations in our lives.

Margaret Feinberg

Todd is part of a movement to rediscover the true message of Jesus and how we are to respond to it.

John Ortberg

I have great respect for the leadership and wisdom of Todd Hunter.

Brian McLaren